Online workshops offer free, convenient way to learn how to start and grow a business

canstockphoto20478064I’ve asked a lot of business owners, “What is the key to your success?” Time and time again, the answer is, “never stop learning.”

As we enter September and get into back-to-school mode, many organizations will offer workshops and classes for small businesses. These classes usually are offered by area economic and business development organizations and they are well worth your time to attend.

If you already own a business, you likely will learn something that you can apply . If you are thinking about going into business, you will learn what it takes and what you need to do.

These classes also provide the opportunity to learn from and network with other business owners and experts in attendance.

That said, it can be challenging for a business owner or someone who works full-time and has other grown-up responsibilities to find time to attend a class.

That’s why online business workshops are a great option.

They can work around your schedule and you don’t have to get showered and dressed to attend. You can watch whenever and from wherever you like.

You can pause and return to a class if you get interrupted or just don’t have the time to watch an entire workshop.

You can select from a range of topics that suit your needs, including marketing, pricing, financing, hiring, intellectual property and more.

If you are thinking about going into business and not ready to go public yet, you can explore the idea from the privacy of your own computer.

There are many great online workshops and webinars out there that feature experts taking about particular topics. Here are several that you can access for free:

Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration website offers excellent information and resources for businesses.

Topics include: taking your product to market, understanding your customer, patents, trademarks, copyrights, customer service, cybersecurity for small business and more.

Go to and click on “Learning Center.”


SCORE offers online webinars that you can watch live, or you can check out the group’s archives.

Topics include: startups, running and growing a business, finance, marketing, management and technology.

Go to and click on “workshops”

UMaine Cooperative Extension

The cooperative extension offers support and assistance for small businesses, especially startup and home-based businesses.

Topics include: advertising, pricing, insurance, risk management, record keeping, social media, merchandising, inventory control, insurance and more.

Go to, and in the search box, type in “small business library” then click on “small business management topics.”

These are just a sample of the many excellent business workshops and webinars available online. You can access them wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and learn something new today that can help your business start or grow tomorrow.

Deb Neuman

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Deb thinks Maine is a great place to do business and loves telling the stories of Mainers proving that it can be done! An entrepreneur at heart, she enjoys helping others with the same drive to create and innovate!